Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to become a UWM student in Music Composition and Technology?

Check out the Admission Info page for information about applying to both UWM and the Peck School of the Arts Music program.

When I apply to the Music Composition and Technology program, what instrument do I need to audition on?

Composition and Technology Majors should audition on their primary instrument. Scholarship opportunities may be available, and ensemble placements can be determined.

All incoming majors must take a piano proficiency placement audition. This will place you at the appropriate level to complete your piano requirements.

Remember that applicants still must submit a portfolio of work demonstrating their compositional ability and experience.

What should my application portfolio include?

The portfolio should contain your best three to five works. At least one copy of a written score is required. The score may be of any instrumentation, from large ensemble to piano solo. Both computer-engraved scores and handwritten scores are accepted.

Group compositions are not acceptable. There is no particular style requirement for applicants, nor is there is a duration requirement for his/her representative works. However, they must be complete works.


  1. At least one written score is required.
  2. Send copies only, not originals; materials will not be returned.
  3. Scores may be for any number of musicians, from solo to large ensemble.
  4. Both computer-engraved scores (made with Finale, Sibelius, etc.) and handwritten scores are acceptable.
  5. PDF files are the preferred submission format for scores; please attach PDF files to an email, or supply a link to PDF files on the web. Paper documents are also acceptable, and may be mailed to the Music Department.


  1. At least one recording is required.
  2. Recordings should be submitted as fixed media digital audio (.mp3 preferred, .aif / .wav acceptable).
  3. Links to audio sharing services (such as Soundcloud) and CDs (mailed to the Music Department) are also acceptable.
  4. You are not required to supply score and recording of the same piece.
  5. Recordings must have acceptable sound quality.
  6. Recordings of MIDI realizations are acceptable.
  7. Video recordings are also acceptable; links to web video services (such as Youtube and Vimeo) are preferred. DVDs are also acceptable, and may be mailed to the Music Department.

Applications for graduate study are expected to submit at least one electroacoustic composition.

What is the application deadline?

Applications are processed on a rolling basis; there are no specific deadlines to apply. However, if you wish to be considered for scholarships, you must submit your completed application prior to March 1st for award consideration applicable to the following Fall semester.

Can I study composition while completing a degree in Music Performance?

Composition lessons are only available to Music Composition and Technology majors. However, students pursuing other Music degrees can take music technology courses, which include these electives:

  1. Music 220 – Introduction to Computers and Music
  2. Music 327 – Analog and Digital Synthesis I
  3. Music 328 – Digital Synthesis and Systems II
  4. Music 420 – Advanced Computers and Music

It is possible to double-major in Music Performance and Music Composition and Technology.