Graduate Study

The Master of Music (MM) in Composition is offered to students who demonstrate substantial creative talent and a high promise of attainment as composers. Candidates possess the ability for independent artistic investigation, and present the results of their work in a thesis composition with recital performance. Students may work in instrumental, vocal, electroacoustic, and combined forms; intermedia work and collaborations with graduate students in other artistic disciplines is encouraged. Breadth is provided through studies in music technology, theory, history, and performance, as well as relevant fields outside of music as desired. The program prepares students for professional careers in music composition, and for study at the doctoral level.

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Graduate studio spaces in the Kenilworth Square East arts building

Students develop their compositional skills and other professional abilities through coursework and individual composition lessons. Depending upon their elective courses, they may also develop skills in music technology such as programming for interactive and algorithmic applications, audio recording and editing, sound synthesis, and signal processing. Individual composition lessons stress the integration of all these skills in practical composition, as well as techniques of instrumentation, orchestration, counterpoint, and notation. Opportunities for the performance of student compositions include an annual residency program with a visiting professional contemporary music ensemble, as well as performances by UWM ensembles and chamber groups.