Ensembles & Series

Students in the Music Composition and Technology program at UWM have the opportunity to participate in the full range of the Music Department’s instrumental and vocal ensembles. The Composition and Technology program also organizes several of its own ensembles, focussing on various aspects of contemporary music performance.

Contemporary Music Ensemble

The Contemporary Music Ensemble is an ensemble of composer/performers. Their annual concert features a variety of music, with a particular emphasis on avant-garde and experimental music exploring indeterminacy, improvisation, and graphic scores.

Music From Almost Yesterday Student Ensemble

The Music From Almost Yesterday Student Ensemble produces a concert of new works by Music Composition and Technology students at UWM each semester. Concerts feature instrumental and vocal compositions as well as electroacoustic music.


The Milwaukee Laptop Orchestra (MiLO) is an improvisation collective fusing live electronic sound, instrumental performance, and video projection into a rich multimedia experience. The group embraces a wide variety of electronic practices: circuit-bending, software synthesis, repurposed effects pedals and portable game devices, live processing of instrumental sound, VJing, network music, and procedural animation all find their way into the mix. With student, faculty, alumni, and Milwaukee community participants, MiLO creates an energized, immersive tapestry of sound and image, all produced live and in the moment.


TORCH is the TC-11 ORCHestra – an electric ensemble with an army of iPads and a fully programmable multi-touch synth. Led by TC-11 software developer Kevin Schlei, TORCH explores the many ways that iPad synthesizer interfaces can be used in ensemble improvisation.

The Music Composition and Technology program hosts several concert and lecture series which present contemporary music, including student work.

Unruly Music

Each semester, Unruly Music presents a three-concert festival featuring guest artist, faculty, and student performances of contemporary music, spanning instrumental and vocal composition, contemporary approaches to improvisation, electroacoustic music, and multimedia.

Electro-Acoustic Salon Concerts

The Electro-Acoustic Salon is an informal concert at the end of each semester. The Salons feature projects produced by students as part of their music technology coursework, as well as independent projects in electroacoustic music and multimedia.

Composition Colloquium

Composition Colloquium is a weekly gathering of Music Composition & Technology BFA students. Students and faculty discuss their work as well as other historical, aesthetic, and technical issues of interest. Guest artists are a regular feature of the colloquium: recent visitors include David Bithell, Ryan Carter, Franklin Cox, Alexandra du Bois, John Mackey, Caroline Mallonee, Elena Kats-Chernin, Armando Luna, Gabriel Prokofiev, and Randall Woolf.

In addition to these regularly scheduled series, Music Composition and Technology students and faculty produce a number of additional performances of contemporary music at UWM and around Milwaukee each year.