Electro-Acoustic Music Center

The Electro-Acoustic Music Center (EAMC), founded by Jon Welstead in 1982, supports the creation of new electroacoustic works and technologies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The EAMC facilitates a broad range of activities including creating new music, instrument design and development, and multimedia collaboration in the school’s Art, Dance, Film, and Theater departments.

music-studio-b40-1 korg-ms20 arp-2500-analog-synthesizer
Music Studio B40 has an 8.2 channel surround speaker system, and Studio B50A houses an original ARP 2500 analog synthesizer

The EAMC offers a four-semester sequence of courses in Music Technology, plus rotating special topics courses. These courses also form part of the Interdisciplinary Arts and Technology (Arts+Tech) BFA program curriculum.

  1. Music 220 – Introduction to Computers and Music
  2. Music 327 – Analog and Digital Synthesis I
  3. Music 328 – Digital Synthesis and Systems II
  4. Music 420 – Advanced Computers and Music

The EAMC maintains studios in two locations: our on-campus, Music Building location houses the teaching/undergraduate studios, while the Kenilworth Square East arts building hosts the research / graduate studios.

minor-vices-20130710-0591 minor-vices-20130710-0508 minor-vices-20130710-0497
Shared faculty / graduate studios in KSE are designed for high quality recording

Our Music Building studios are fully equipped to cover the gamut of analog and digital sound technologies. Students will learn synthesis manipulation on an original ARP 2500 analog synthesizer (one of only 100 ever made), and surround sound mixing in our flagship 8.2 channel room.

  • Studio B40 – 8.2 channel Genelec surround system
  • Studio B50 – 5.1 channel Genelec surround system, control surfaces
  • Studio B50A – ARP 2500 analog synthesizer, Korg MS-20
  • Studio B60 – 5 channel Klipsch cabinet surround, black box space
  • Studio 270 – 20 station keyboard / computer lab

Our studio spaces at Kenilworth Square East provide flexible, multipurpose spaces for recording, rehearsal, installation, and teaching for faculty and graduate students. The spaces include a large rehearsal room, isolated control room, and 5.1 mixing / listening room.

tc-performer-stack tc-performer-playing-0 tc-performer-playing-1
Audio software development is taught by Kevin Schlei, developer of Bit Shape’s TC-11 synthesizer

In addition to learning sound editing, arranging, and mixing, students have the opportunity to learn audio programming from active researchers and developers in the field. Multimedia installations, hardware instrument design, and software synthesizer development are some of the faculties’ specialties.