Student compositions

Work samples from recent Music Composition and Technology students, composed during their studies at UWM:

Graduate students:

excerpt from Peripheries (2013), for string quartet, by Michelle McKenzie (MM 2014)

excerpt from RadioGamelan (2010), for live and networked electronics, by Greg Surges (MM 2011, BFA 2009). Performance by Greg with Stephen Schlei (MM 2006) and David Collins (BFA 2009); an album of their work is available from Stasisfield.

walking away from Schueler (2008), by Jerod Sommerfeldt (MM 2008)

Undergraduate students:

MR-HSC (2012), by Elliot Patros (BFA 2012). Winner of the 2013 Allen Strange Award, recognizing an outstanding work written by an undergraduate or high school student selected for presentation at the Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS) conference.

of Potential Happiness (2009), by David Collins (BFA 2009)